Referral Portal

Referral Portal

This web-based solution provides a single point of access into the service. Online submission of key documents means the paper footprint is eliminated with digitised referrals.

Multiple referral types are supported ensuring complete and accurate referrals are submitted. Mandatory items must be completed in order to submit the referral in turn reducing the amount of incomplete and inaccurate referrals. The portal ensures that when a referral is complete it is right first time, every time.

Benefits of the Electronic Referral Portal :

•Reduces time lag in the 28 day processing window

•Removes duplication- single data entry

•Referrals right first time

•Paper Light

Patient Information Validated – SPINE

One of the most common concerns we continue to hear from CCG’s is the inaccurate detail recorded on referrals regarding the patient. The Referral Portal validates the patient details against the nationals care records SPINE. Another way of ensuring your referrals are “clean” when your CHC service sets about the next stage of the patient journey.

Overall, the electronic referral portal supports the care professional to deliver referrals in a smarter, reliable way. The patient experience is that much better as a result and the CHC service have an opportunity to reduce delays at the start of the 28 day eligibility outcome period.

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