Gateway to Care : Common Access portal

Welcome to Prelude360, an integral part of QA360, and your gateway to streamlined and efficient care management. Prelude360 is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that provides care services with a single point of access for ongoing care services and placements.

This web-based platform is designed for easy access, presenting users with a familiar interface for populating the required information.

Prelude360 was initially crafted with input from care professionals to meet the needs of Adult Continuing Care services. Over time, our flexible development approach has allowed us to adapt the portal to suit a range of services, making it a versatile solution for evolving healthcare landscapes.

The ERP is intuitive, guiding care professionals through the referring process. It reminds them when a referral is due, ensuring that at the point of submission, all necessary information has been provided and validated. The system uses triaging questions to guide the selection of the appropriate referral tool, providing a smarter way of working and saving valuable resources in both administrative and care professional functions.

For All Age Continuing Care Services, Prelude360 supports the inclusion of various assessment documents, such as:

  • NHS CHC Consent Form
  • Discharge to Assess Placements
  • CHC Checklist
  • CHC Decision Support Tools
  • CHC Fast Track Pathway Tool
  • Children & Young People’s Continuing Care Checklists
  • Children & Young People’s Continuing Care DSTs
  • Mental Health Aftercare Referral
  • Individual Funding Requests
  • Tailorable Referrals: CHC, FNC, Child, LD, MH
  • Mandatory Data Items: Ensures completeness and accuracy
  • Real-Time Status Report of Referrals: Stay informed at every stage
  • Works across Integrated Services: One portal for multiple services
  • Consent Evidenced on Referrals: Legal compliance
  • Pre-Submission Validation: Ensures data accuracy
  • Parameterized Domain Contact: Tailored communication channels
  • Multiple Pathway Support, easy to refer: Versatile and user-friendly
  • Validated & Accurate Referrals: Enhances precision in care provision
  • Care Professionals & Service Users Kept Informed: Foster transparent communication
  • Single Point of Access (One portal – many services): Simplifies the referral process
  • Saves Time: Efficient and streamlined workflows
  • Improved Performance Against Key Measures: Meets regulatory requirements

The validation of referrals before submission ensures that your services receive appropriate referrals, saving time for both administrators and care professionals. This efficiency leads to an enhanced patient experience and improved performance against key measures, aligning with regulatory standards set out by the Department of Health & Social Care. Choose Prelude360 for a smarter, more effective approach to care management.

Ready to Experience Seamless Care Referrals?

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