Patient Gateway: Empowering Patients with Transparent Access

Welcome to Overture360 Patient Gateway, where transparency meets accessibility, providing your patients (or their representatives) with a clear and insightful window into their patient records within CHC.

A Journey Through Efficiency:

Point of Referral Access:

  • Upon referral, the patient’s record is shared, initiating a secure and transparent connection between the patient and their healthcare information.
  • Patients receive a secure link and undergo a verification process, establishing a password through a secure setup

Fortified Security:

  • Utilizing a two-factor authentication process, the Patient Gateway ensures a robust and secure access protocol.
  • Patients can confidently access their information, knowing that their data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures.

Restricted yet Informative Access:

  • Upon completion of the secure setup process, patients gain meaningful access to:
  • Monitor the progress of ongoing referrals.
  • Access key documents crucial to their care.
  • Stay informed about upcoming Reviews.
  • Securely message between patients, stakeholders and AACC admin teams.
  • Web-based for convenient access from any location.
  • Secure 2-factor authentication for enhanced data protection.
  • Patient Access to Progress for real-time updates.
  • Access to Key Documents ensuring comprehensive information.
  • Access to Review Information for ongoing engagement.
  • Links to Gov.UK for additional healthcare resources.
  • Easy to Use, providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Provides Peace of Mind through secure and transparent processes.
  • Informed of Progress, keeping patients engaged and informed.
  • Able to Review Assessments, fostering patient involvement.
  • Understand Review Due, promoting proactive healthcare engagement.
  • Overall provides transparency to the service user, building trust in healthcare interactions.
  • Streamlining Patient Communication
  • Overture360 Patient Gateway minimizes the need for frequent calls from patients.
  • This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of subject access requests

Provide your patients with unparalleled access to their healthcare journey through Overture360 Patient Gateway.

This platform is designed to enhance transparency, reduce administrative burdens, and empower patients to be active participants in their care.

Elevate the patient experience, foster engagement, and streamline communication. For a personalized demonstration, contact us at 01633 876142 or email info@qaplus.co.uk. Embrace a new era of patient-centric care with Overture360 Patient Gateway.