Needs Assessment: Streamlining Assessments for Efficient Decision-Making

Introducing Lite360, a revolutionary Needs Assessment App and Portal designed for both in-house and external Care Professionals, redefining the review process and optimizing the efficiency of your assessor team.

Providing an efficient System for time and cost savings to avoid assessment delays and prevent backlogs:

  • Lite360 offers both offline and online options for Decision Support Tools (DSTs) and various assessment templates.
  • Drive downtime costs and eliminate backlogs with a versatile and efficient system that adapts to your CHC Service needs.
  • This simple yet effective tool operates seamlessly alongside Chord360 software.
  • Reviews and assessments are automatically populated from Chord360, ensuring a streamlined workflow for your assessor team.
  • Integration with other care management systems is available.
  • The app comes to life when used alongside Chord360, automatically populating assessments with patient information, GP details, and next of kin details.
  • Assessors can work with pre-populated assessment documents, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.
  • The assessor completes the electronic version of the assessment tool on the app, recording recommended/agreed levels of needs and outcomes with supporting evidence.
  • On completion, the assessment is saved and automatically synced, pushing the completed document back to the patient record within iChord for review and further decision-making.

Device and Connectivity Flexibility:

  • Lite360 is designed to work across a range of devices, providing adaptability to different CHC Service approaches, whether covering rural or urban areas.
  • The app operates independently of mobile internet (cellular connection), ensuring reliability during assessments

Agile Working Opportunities:

  • Lite360 provides your service with an opportunity to work in a more agile way, responding quickly to changes and adapting to new ways of working.
  • Governance control of key documents and a more efficient assessment process are ensured, even in a hybrid working environment.

Tablet or Smartphone app with secure data handling.

  • Not cell or wifi reliant, ensuring connectivity independence.
  • Familiar presentation style (DST, MDT, etc.).
  • Patient notes, events, etc., readily available.
  • Automatic document generation for efficiency.
  • Parameterized for content tailoring.
  • Standard assessment criteria for consistency.
  • Bring forward/review previous assessments.
  • Automatic synchronization via VPN for seamless data flow.
  • Information Governance (IG) and encrypted security standards.
  • Fully secure platform, safeguarding patient information.
  • No VPN connection lag, ensuring real-time access.
  • Easy-to-use interface for nurses and care professionals.
  • Simple and quick review function for efficient decision-making.
  • Digitized DSTs and MDTs for paper-free processing.
  • Draft, review, and complete assessments electronically.

In the era of hybrid working, Lite360 Assessor App empowers your assessor team from all locations, facilitating a more flexible and efficient assessment process. For a personalized demonstration, contact us at 01633 876142 or email Lite360: Where efficiency meets adaptability in the assessment landscape