All round care.

Full, practical and effective ‘e-working’ for care management?

Working with and for care management authorities for over 25 years we have proven experience in meeting the demands of these specialist services. We are one of the few providers of a fully digital end-to-end solution from referral through to provision, funding and care monitoring.

Through our range of solutions, we support each stage of the client/patient journey. In doing so you will unlock service efficiencies, allowing your team to work smarter, not harder.

QA360 All parts of the whole.


Gateway to Care.

The common entry point into any ICB management system for health and social care needs. Creating referrals at the point of need with evidence and consent attachments ensures data accuracy and avoids duplication. Current interfaces include:

• Chord 360 All Age Continuing Care

• MediRef 360 Consultant and Specialist Clinic management.

Configurable to any local standards all referrals are automatically routed to the appropriate care team ready for processing. Prelude can manage a wide range of referrals including CHC Checklists, CHC FastTrack, Childrens Continuing Care, CHC Decision Support Tools, Mental Health Aftercare, Individual Funding Requests and more.

Please see the Prelude360 system outline for further details.


Care Management.

Covering every aspect of All Age Continuing Care:

• Receipt of a referrals

• Initial assessment

• Funding approval

• Panels

• Provider contract bid and placement

• Purchase scheduling

Please see the Chord360 system outline for further details.


Ratification Tools.

Full e-support for multi-discipline teams, patients and stakeholders – all with a vital part to play in the ratification of decision making outcome for care needs and placements.

Teams are one approach – but disjointed with manual intervention.

Our portal integrates the process for a seamless progression from Assessment to Funding Approval, Placement and Reviews.

Contact context invitees, relevant material, prompted attendance & minuted outcomes.

Please see the Allegro360 system outline for further details.


Patient Gateway.

Comprehensive information portal for patients, advocates and authorised stakeholders this provides tailored support for:

• Progress on Referrals via Patient Journey Status.

• Messaging facility

• Managing Personal Health Budgets

• Ability to review and submit

Please see the Overture360 system outline for further details.


Provider Gateway.

Harmony360 Provider Gateway: Revolutionizing Care Procurement.

Unlock the power of a sustainable and efficient paperless system with Harmony360 Provider Gateway, paving the way for enhanced provider invoicing, swift payments, and seamless communication

Elevate your financial management, improve cash flow, and foster clearer, more responsive communication within the healthcare provider ecosystem.

Please see the Harmony360 system outline for further details.


Mobile Assessments.

Needs Assessment App and Portal for use by either in-house or external Care Professionals to support the review process.

Providing offline and online options for DSTs and other assessment templates to provide an efficient system to drive down time costs and eliminate backlogs.

Please see the Lite360 system outline for further details.