Provider Gateway

Unlock the power of a sustainable and efficient paperless system with Harmony360 Provider Gateway, paving the way for enhanced provider invoicing, swift payments, and seamless communication.

Elevate your financial management, improve cash flow, and foster clearer, more responsive communication within the healthcare provider ecosystem. 

Embracing a Paperless Future in harmony with Providers:

  • Harmony360 Provider Gateway marks a pivotal shift towards sustainability, streamlining processes and reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Embrace an efficient paperless system that enhances provider invoicing and KPI reporting.
  • Accelerate provider payments for improved cash flow, financial management, and heightened operational efficiency.
  • The module ensures swift, timely payments, fostering a healthy financial ecosystem.
  • Facilitate seamless communication between healthcare providers, ensuring clarity, prompt response, and efficient collaboration.
  • The platform fosters enhanced communication, reducing delays and promoting a proactive approach to care provision.
  • Each care provider is categorized based on different specialist areas of care they can provide, ensuring tailored and targeted care.
  • Provider records store essential details, including Key Contacts, Contract Management, Notifications Responded To, CQC Ratings, ICB Quality Ratings, and Rates Card.
  • Users can upload/record care plan details within the patient record, initiating a streamlined process for care provision.
  • The Provider Community is promptly notified of new care requests, allowing for quick response and arrangement of initial assessments.
  • The platform provides commissioners with greater control over quality, care outcomes, and spend analysis.
  •  Achieve better control and visibility, from care plan to placement, resulting in reduced Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC) instances.
  • Multiple service types for diverse care needs.
  • Real-time status reporting for instant updates.
  • Comprehensive Care Plans for thorough management.
  • Provider Contract details for clarity.
  • Submission deadlines for efficient workflow.
  • Bid selection for strategic decision-making.
  • Minimal commissioning administration for streamlined processes.
  • Reduced administration costs for improved operational efficiency.
  • Improved value from care costs for optimized financial management.
  • Quicker turn-around: Care Plan to Placement for enhanced service delivery.
  • Reduced DTOC instances for improved patient care.
  • Funding approval workflow initiation for financial control.
  • Patient Choice for personalized and quality-driven care.
  • Harmony360 Provider Gateway supports a patient choice program, presenting patients and their representatives with details of providers able to meet their needs.
  • Ensure patients receive the best quality of care, tailored to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Efficiency at its core to streamline the task of sourcing packages of care, supporting patient choice and personalization agendas.
  • Leverage technology to eliminate the need for manual calls and emails, maximizing the return on your tech investment.

Ready to revolutionize your care procurement process? Contact us at 01633 876142 or email info@qaplus.co.uk for a personalized demonstration. Harmony360 Provider Gateway: Where sustainability meets efficiency, and patient choice meets streamlined care sourcing.