Continuing Care Management : Comprehensive Care Commissioning

Embark on a seamless journey of care management with Chord360, an integral part of QA360, and the powerhouse that has evolved since its debut in 2018. Chord360, our web-based platform, stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting health and social care teams by delivering ongoing care, specifically designed for NHS All-Age Continuing Care.

Recognizing the intricate nature of Continuing Care services, we collaborated with clients and care professionals to create a solution that remains flexible, aligns with national requirements, and eliminates duplication experienced with other solutions. 

A Journey Through Efficiency:

  • Patient activity is monitored from the point of referral, automatically creating a patient record within the CHC Service if Prelude360 Gateway to Care is in use.
  • Chord360 encompasses each stage of the decision-making process, ensuring a clear layout for users to record and access information on patient referrals, reviews, funding, and workflows.
  • Users are presented with appropriate steps or tasks, and guided through local and national processes.
  • The workflow function allows electronic visualization of progress, ensuring compliance with national frameworks and local standard operating procedures.

The role of care professionals has evolved, and Chord 360 addresses this shift with a Case Notes function, providing a space for simple and effective clinical note recording and review.

Chord360 facilitates the management of various templates required for documents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while allowing for personalized correspondence using MS Word functions.

Management Activity Reporting:

  • Chord360 offers a management activity page for reviewing outstanding workflows, allocations, reviews, and a case management summary.
  • The Department of Health (DoH) performance dashboard provides live feeds, showcasing performance against QIPP measures and operational details.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite:

  • Chord360‘s suite of reports supports day-to-day operational decisions and meets national reporting requirements.
  • Quick reports encompass over fifty reports, tried and tested for modern All-Age Continuing Care Services, spanning areas like Referrals Extract, Caseload Report, Reviews Report, Finance Extract, Invoice Reporting, and Audit Reports

Financial Control and Payment Schedules:

  • Chord360 provides financial control through invoice functions and Pro-forma payment schedules.
  • Payment schedules empower finance departments, ensuring control of costs due for payment, with automatic email communication to care providers.
  • Child, Transition, and Adult care support
  • Patient Journey Progress bar
  • Tailored processes for flexible workflows
  • Activity recorded against workflow for transparency
  • Care provider management information
  • Financial data set for forecasting
  • Dashboard and comprehensive suite of reports
  • Report builder tools with templates
  • Full electronic storage of documents
  • Standard and editable document production
  • 2-factor user login options for enhanced security
  • Dedicated support via the help desk
  • Optimized decision-making workflow prompts
  • Document automation cuts admin costs
  • Improved service quality through visual prompts
  • Assessment backlog reduction and maintenance
  • Remote off-site working with secure access
  • CQC link for provider CQC outcome ratings
  • Designed by experienced CHC managers
  • Automatic payment schedules for financial control
  • Automatic credit recovery for financial accuracy
  • Expert CHC management consultancy and support
  • Single source validated data entry

In a true management system, each stage of the patient journey is reportable and measurable, meeting national system requirements while providing a flexible approach to your work.

Clients report significant administrative burden reduction and increased efficiency, with one client achieving a 95% paperless status since implementing Chord360.

Ready to experience the transformative power of Chord360? Contact us at 01633 876142 or email for a personalized demonstration. Join the ranks of those who have experienced up to 25% administrative burden reduction and embraced a more efficient, paperless future.