Ratification Tools: Embracing Digital Efficiency

The evolving landscape of work, catalyzed by the recent changes in global dynamics, has prompted a re-evaluation of traditional practices. What was once deemed challenging and cumbersome, such as video conferencing meetings, has transformed into a vital tool for effective collaboration. Recognizing the need to convene multi-disciplinary teams to ratify decisions, we present the Allegro360 Ratification Tool, a web-based portal designed to seamlessly facilitate decision-making processes.  Navigating the New Norm:

  • The pandemic has ushered in a new era of work, where video conferencing has become an essential and efficient means of communication.
  • Acknowledging this shift, the QA Plus Ratification Tool harnesses the power of web-based technology to streamline the ratification process for multi-disciplinary teams

This tool supports various multi-disciplinary teams that may need to assess the evidence before ratifying decisions related to care needs, required placements, or financial considerations.

  • Automated Recordkeeping:
    • Users can log the need for a ratification or panel meeting within the patient file, triggering prompts to upload supporting documentation.
    • The tool schedules the meeting, notifies relevant professionals via email, and provides a secure link to access the uploaded documentation

Efficient Collaboration:

  • Professionals can review documents before and during the meeting, utilizing their preferred video conferencing tool.
  • Discussions can be recorded with keynotes made, and outcomes detailed, all of which are saved within the Ratification Portal and securely stored in the patient record in Chord360.
  • Allegro360 simplifies the often-heavy administrative task of panel preparation, providing greater governance in recording notes and outcomes with a clear, auditable record.
  • Web-based portal for convenient access
  • Secure Portal to safeguard sensitive information
  • Upload/Review Documents for comprehensive collaboration
  • Templated and bespoke Documents to cater to unique needs
  • Easy to Use, ensuring a user-friendly experience
  • Peace of Mind, offering secure and streamlined processes
  • Supports Ratifying of Outcomes with clarity
  • Shares Information Seamlessly for enhanced collaboration

If you’re moving ahead with digitizing your All-Age Continuing Care service, connect with us. As a gov. uk approved provider available on the government-approved Vertical Applications Solutions, we leverage a range of technologies and platforms to transform the way you work.

Our solutions eliminate duplication, simplify processes, and bring clarity to colleagues and patients, enhancing the service of NHSE All-Age Continuing Care. Ready to revolutionize your decision ratification processes? Contact us at 01633 876142 or email to explore a transformative digital experience. Embrace efficiency, clarity, and governance with Allegro360 Ratification Tools.