Registration & Inspection

Our clients units vary widely in scale, location, responsibilities and resources. Your unit may be a large department, or just a couple of people and may have a largely clerical role or may be involved in vital safety issues. QA+ provides cost and management benefits to everyone by being flexible and efficient.


• QA+ can track enquiries and applications for registration or certification.

• QA+ cuts costs by automating clerical work.

• QA+ records information from the first enquiry, and tracks activities leading to a decision.

• QA+ provides accurate information, reports and statistics.

• QA+ checks standards compliance, reporting on fees, variations and noncompliant entities.

• QA+ prompts when tasks are due or becoming overdue and triggers next actions: perhaps a letter to a fire department or print a certificate!


Tasks vary widely between units but QA+ addresses common inspection management problems:

• Questionnaires, analysing results and reporting - then follow up on requirements.

• Management of inspections, changing needs and a growing workload.

• QA+ assists by producing questionnaires specific to the type of entity being inspected and theme of the visit.

• Answers are recorded and analysed to aid production of your report.

• Laptop computers linked to QA+ further support inspector's efficiency.

• QA+ helps avoid backlogs - managers can match resources and amend their schedules.

Process Diary

This helps you schedule your tasks. It presents the work on an inspector's or team's 'desk' in the time scale being viewed and reports resources showing:

• Known workloads

• Resources available

• Standard/historical time information

QA+ then allows the manipulation of the resources and/or the workload. Resources are held in QA+ for:

• Individual inspectors or assessors

• Areas

• Regions


With the demand to provide effective cost management this meets your needs:

• Provides a planning tool for Unit management.

• Source of billing information for accounts.

• Invoice generation.

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