Individual Funding Requests
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Individual Funding Requests

The system can approve Care Professionals in advance (providing them with Password Protected logins and document templates) or can be 'open', allowing any source of Checklists, DSTs, IFRs etc. Users are also provided with familiar Word templates that are pre-coded for the automatic data import. Nurse Assessors can use Tablets to prepare DSTs, HNAs etc. or Web users can logon and create their own IFRs, Checklists, DSTs etc.

Whichever route is chosen the data is 'synced' with CONI providing common presentation of Patient Need to begin the Review within CONI for example:

Care professionals complete IFR Templates on the web and submits the request to the CCG/CSU. The individual Funding Request Officer (or admin support) will receive incoming requests and supporting documentation. This is imported and disseminated for Review and Processing (redacting identifying information as necessary) and a Task is created to begin the assessment process according to your own Procedures.

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