Designed specifically to meet the needs of family information services (FIS) departments, QA+CIDI helps reduce your administrative burden whilst quality assuring every stage across all aspects of the role and national requirements.


Key Benefits of CIDI

Reduced administration and increased data consistency - automated population of the childcare website with details of settings, vacancies and bulletin boards

Automated letters and statistics for pathways to registration procedural control, ensuring high quality standards are met and offering increased efficiency.

Links to registration and inspection system to review provider quality, set goals and monitor outcomes.


The national introduction of 2 year old funding in September 2013 will no doubt creep up on many of us. It will also cause a major headache for anybody responsible for managing it! This burden is then expected to double in September 2014 and it is essential to be ready for the additional workload. With squeezed budgets and stretched resources, QA+FEYE can help to ease the stress of the transition.


Key Benefits of FEYE

Key Benefits of FEYE

A large number of provider payment calculation options, based on individual provider rates, child IDACI / IMD scores or one off provider deprivation allowances.

Varying rates per child age and IDACI / IMD score - the system already covers 2 year olds.

Automatic emailing of password protected estimate and headcount spreadsheets to providers, with full import and validation - eliminating the need for data entry.

Automatic calculation of payment schedules and production of provider statements.

Finance system interfaces.

Inbuilt validation and reporting to identify multiple claims for a child.

Early years census functionality, allowing collection and submission of child and provider data.

Provider headcount via paper, spreadsheets or a web site.

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