Complaint Management & Risk Registers

The QA+ system retains summary information on complaints but the specialist requirements associated with persons, roles, relationships and law are complex. These are fully supported within a special module.


QA+CARIS provides this support which may be operated as a stand alone module or linked to the main registration and inspection system.


Key Benefits of CARIS

Internet logging and tracking, widening access while reducing administrative costs.

Automated production of letters offers increased efficiency.

Link complaints and complaints - then process each under their own procedures according to type.

Track professional staff involved in complaints as they move from firm to firm.


Procedures must be carefully designed, documented and followed to ensure a high standard of impartial service is provided on every matter.

Timescales must be followed - or record the reason for not meeting a deadline.

Reports have to be authorised and well presented

The service itself must demonstrate high standards.

Where a Helpdesk or Telephone Advisory service is provided it should support all your business procedures.

Departments specify their own procedures and time limits which then enables performance monitoring.

Complaint Logging

An optional "front end" allows all enquiries and requests to be routed to the most appropriate person.

Initial information regarding the Complaint or Request is captured according to your procedures.

Activities are tracked at every stage and automatically triggers actions: perhaps a letter to a client or note to a department head etc..

QA+ reduces costs by automating work and all information is secure, on-line and real-time.

Quality Review

QA+ incorporates a quality survey system to evaluate standards - establish your questionnaires and use response tools in QA+Inspection and any PC package for analyses.

At Risk Register

Where complaints or investigations relate to clients the system can cross reference incidents to build and manage an at risk register. With workflow support as with the rest of QA+ the system can then provide prompts to monitor actions and escalation according to procedures you have established.

Helpdesk & Telephone Advisory

QA+ may be used as a service 'front desk' routing requests, scheduling tasks and responding automatically with documentation needed.


QA+ produces documentation accurately and manages the review process with reference to your standards to ensure compliance with your procedures.

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