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QA+ iChord

QA+ iChord is a fully web-enabled database designed for organisations managing NHS Continuing Healthcare, NHS Funded Nursing Care and Complex Care Patient. QA+ iChord will also help you monitor Public Health Budgets spend and outcomes.

The database allows users to record clinical and financial records including key contacts, detailed care packages, manage providers (including payments), scheduling of assessments & reviews, document storage, letter generation, financial forecasting and data analyst.

• End to end management of the patient journey.
• Pre-defined process to record activity against workflow.
• Care provider management of information.
• Financial data set allows financial forecasting.
• Comprehensive suite of pre-defined reports, report builder tools.
• Full electric storage of all documents.
• Standard document production.
• Patient Journey progress bar.
• Dedicated support via helpdesk (During office hours).

• Decision making processes are optimised with workflow prompting users.
• CQC Link provides users with provider CQC outcome ratings.
• Provides full financial control with a range of audit reports.
• Report builder tools gives flexibility for regular and ad-hoc reporting.
• Remote off site working where secure access is available.
• Expert training and advice is available with consultants.
• User community allows for users to provide feedback around product development.

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